The Chedeville Lelandais Pads manufacture for wind instruments follows on from an artisans’ tradition, with exigence and a continuous improvement of techniques and quality of materials. All the pieces are assembled and controlled one by one. Machines will never replace our artisans’ craft. Their gestures repeated ad infinitum are similar to the manual techniques of the best dressmakers in French luxury haute couture.Our pad’s quality is also the quality of the composites we choose in their production line.

  • High quality felts, made in concordance with the technical specifications, are the product of 90 years of Chedeville-Lelandais’s experience.
  • Leather of extreme finess, are made and shaped according to our requirements, in order to obtain a perfect contact with the steel of wind instruments.

We own cutting machines, well-kept with care. Some of these machines, tools of high precision, were acquired when the company was created. Perfection never wears out.

Entreprise du “Patrimoine Vivant”

Chedeville-Lelandais preserves and improves manual skills and specific competence, only transmitted within the company. Recently, Chedeville-Lelandais received the title of “Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant” (Enterprise of Living Heritage). This label is a reward created by the French Government to distinguish French enterprises with manual and industrial competence of excellence. Delivered after a very rigorous investigation, this label is the ambassador of French excellence for national or international buyers.

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