1928 Monsieur Lelandais create a entreprise especialised on manufacturing pads for wind instruments.

1976. The entreprise was bought by M. Glotin, owner of another company, especialized on manufacture of reeds for wind instruments. This fusion ofthis two complementary activities became the society Glotin-Chedeville-Lelandais at Ezanville, on the Departement of Val d’Oise, at 20 km of the Nord of Paris

2005. The Enterprise Glotin-Chedeville-Lelandais is sailed. Michel Ryckeboër,who was employed as accountant in this society, bought the field of activity of manufactory of pads for wind’s intruments and establish the Enterprise Chedeville-Lelandais based at the original location at Ezanville, near from Paris.

« “It is my vocation, as a loyal employed of this enterprise to preserve and develope the skill in the art of pad’s manufactory and the competences of the employes of this company, in order to satisfay the requeriments of must demanding manufacturers, luthiers and musiciens” as said Michel Ryckeboër

The managing placed by the new Company Director make posible to Chedeville-Lelandais to suceed a close colaboration with luxury trademarks to be supplied in leather and felts of exellence since 2005.

Since 2005 Chedeville-Lelandais is considered as a reference mark of quality near of several manufacturer of wind’s intruments in France and all over the world..


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