Pads for wind instruments: Chedeville-Lelandais, label of reference

Our passion is at the service of talent

Since 1928 our field of expertise has remained untouched

Our exigence of quality, to design the perfect sound for wind instruments

The sound of a Saxofon, an Oboe, a Clarinet, a Flute and an English Horn depends on a detail: the quality of their pads.

Since 1935 Chedeville-Lelandais has attached to manufacture the best pads on the market, with the same passion of the most demanding musicians.

Our pads are completely handmade and manufactured in France, using noble materials -leathers and felts- carefully chosen and prepared by our suppliers, exclusively for our line of production. 

To obtain a perfect sound, Chedeville-Lelandais pads benefit from trade secrets  that the “magic hands ” of artisans from our company have been preserving for three generations. These skills are our pride. Nothing can replace the competence and  manual ability that represent our legacy. 

Our passion at the sevice of talent


Managing Director of Chedeville Lelandais

Why the quality of the sound of wind intruments depends on the quality of pads

_rdv5033_snapseedWhy the quality of the sound of wind intruments depends on the quality of pads

High quality Pads, handmade and finely worked with extreme precision bring a perfect tightness. Some of them, very complex to make, like Saxofon pads with resonator, give a real soul to the sound of the instrument.

High quality  Pads, manufactured with chosen materials, are in perfect harmony with the tone holes of the instrument. Their forms, finely worked, make a very efficient plugging of the tone holes, and give the instrument a unique touch.

Our high quality pads are manufactured often with leather, a noble material, delicate to use in the smallest pieces but finest and superior to the bladder. The leather pads are very resistent to humidity and condensation.

A full range of pads

Chedeville-Lelandais pads are available in all sizes, no matter the material used: leather, bladder…

Our pads are avalaible by pieces or by sets, to allow a total renovation of the instrument.

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